Ensure the highest level of care for both your family and clothes with Tri Nature's laundry range. Our award-winning, planet-friendly laundry concentrates have stood the test of time in Australian homes for almost 30 years.

Receive a sample of our Maxim Machine Descaler FREE when you purchase this set.


  • Environmentally Friendly - Naturally Derived, Plant Based Ingredients.
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Grey Water and Septic Safe
  • Family Friendly
  • Animal Cruelty Free
  • Eco Responsible
  • All products are ready to use. For more product information click on links to the individual products below.


Starter Set includes:

1  x Alpha Plus Laundry Powder - Original 1kg Soft Pack

1 x Alpha Plus Pre Soak, 1kg Soft Pack

1 x Enhance Pre Wash Spray 500ml

1 x Angelica Fabric Softener - Original 500ml

1 x FREE Maxim Machine Descaler 50ml Sample


100% Australian Made & Owned



30 Day Money Back Guarantee - If you're not happy, we're not happy! We trust you will love our products 100%.


Green Laundry Starter Set